turboKit is developed by superInk solution to manage Refilling printer cartridges of the best brands on the market. The turboKit are cheap, easy to use, immediate, no mess and will arrive at your home in just 2 business days.

turboKit is the newest product signed superInk, designed to make it easy and efficient charging of your inkjet printer, without the need to turn to professionals. You only need to enter the model name of your printer device, check availability and complete your order, to buy a quality product at a surprisingly affordable price.

The kit includes the container for the cartridge to be recharged and ink tanks (available kit compatible with leading industry brands such as Canon, Hp, Lexmark, Telecom, Philips ...) and sufficient to provide at least 2 or 3 refills. The package also includes the refill accessories, syringes, needles and gloves, as well as directions for use, understandable even to the less experienced. In this way, for subsequent charging cycles will be sufficient to purchase the refills-pack for turboKit, for a substantial and protracted savings in time.

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