Remanufactured toner represent a solution that is combination of quality, price reductions and respect for the environment. On our store offer toners for printers of all makes and models, from the most popular Epson, Canon, HP, Samsung, Oki to lesser known brands in the industry.

The remanufactured toner are original toner that following their exhaustion and a regeneration process, are introduced again in the market, ensuring optimal performance at lower prices and in respect of ecology.

Our toners are produced by superInk, a leading company in the management of the recovery process of the old toner and using only powders and materials of the highest quality . The process consists of several stages, from the recovery of empty passing for cleaning and replacement of worn or damaged components to the reintroduction on the market, according to a production cycle run in and with proven efficiency.

The toner provided with microchips are equipped with a new equivalent to the original holder, which ensures operation of the printer virtually identical to the original toner and printer control functions on the amount of residual powder.

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