Inks for printers of all major brands in the industry, available in 5 different sizes: 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1 liter. Only quality inks allow you to get the best printing results and our bottled inks signed superInk represent the excellence in the sector. Bottled on behalf of the same brand, integrate seamlessly with inkjet devices of all major brands of the sector.

We offer inks for specific printers for Canon, Epson, HP and Brother, as well as a wide range of Universal inks, to suit any printer that uses inkjet technology.

The bottles are strength and life assurance also over time: custom-made, showing the embossed brand, to certify the quality of the product, a scale to check any time the remaining charge and present specific reinforcements on the sides to protect the bottle from bumps or falls.

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