Shipping cost only 1 euro

The delivery by courier BARTOLINI guarantees delivery within 1 working day, in addition to acceptance, excluding weekends and holidays.
For direct shipments to smaller towns and islands delivery time is 2 business days. The delivery of the package has been entrusted to the courier BARTOLINI SPA.

It is always possible to know the delivery status of your shipment from your Account Area or by calling or visiting the website of Bartolini Spa.

It's important to remember that in the case of payment by "COD (Cash On Delivery)" the courier will only accept CASH or CHEQUE payable to BRT S.P.A. (BARTOLINI SPA) with the words "non-transferable".

Shipping Cost

Shipping costs are only 1€ + tax on the whole national territory, including islands and for any type of payment (also for COD delivery!).
For orders with amounts less than 36,60€ (30€ + tax) shipping charges will be 5 € + tax.

Packaging and packing

spedizione scatoleFor the packaging of the parcel will only be used cardboard boxes (single or double wave) appropriate to preserve the integrity of the content.
Furthermore, to avoid damage to the products from bumps and / or crushing, is inserted a plastic material (pelaspan) inside the boxes.

Boxes and ribbons are strictly marked to guarantee a safe transport and easily identifiable.