Payment methods

Safe Payments


Cash (Cash On Delivery)

Is possible to pay by cash on delivery which will take place at the address specified on the order.
Checks are not valid for bank or postal c/c, cashier's checks, coupons of any kind and type and any other form of payment other than that indicated.
For the service of cash on delivery (COD) also note that there are no additional costs besides the shipping cost...




PayPal (PayPal Account or Credit Cards PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Aura, Maestro, American Express)

PayPal is the secure payment system, free and easy to use and the privacy is included.
In case of purchase through the PayPal payment method at the end of the order the customer is directed to the PayPal login page.
No information of your card and/or personal account will pass through our site. The communication will be in encrypted form directly between your browser and the secure site of PayPal. Once the transaction PayPal will send us the results (positive or negative) and, remember, that these are the only data available to us.

Safe Payments with PayPal




Bank transfer

IBAN code: IT88M0340303205CC0040006273
Payable to: EURONET SRL

Bank: Imprebanca S.p.A.
Causal: Order ID xxx -
Total Amount: xx,xx Euro


In case of payment by BANK TRANSFER the goods will be shipped only upon receipt of the same..