Refill instructions for inkjet cartridges
HP 342 * 343 * 344 * 348 * 351XL series (COLOR)

C9361E  **342** (standard volume)
C8766E  **343**
(standard volume)
C9363E  **344**
(high volume)
CB338EE  **351XL**
(high volume)

C9369E  **348**
(photo cartridge)
- Remove the top adhesive label of the cartridge to reveal the filling holes >>

Cartridges series
*342* - *343*
*344* - *351XL*

- Ensure correct position of each color


Photo Cartridge *348*

- Ensure correct position of each color

- Inject very slowly the ink needed to recharge (about 2,5 ml per color for standard volume cartridges or 3,5ml per color for high volume cartridges) >>

We reccomend do not obstruct with the label or the tape the "ventilation holes" of the cartridge because doing so may cause the ink does not come out from one or more colors !!!

The "vents" are shown below the dashed circles and are easily identifiable because they always present at the beginning of the "serpentine" leading to the charging hole.


- Place the cartridge on a flat surface (preferably on a plastic bag) and wait at least 30 minutes before using it again

- Place the previously removed label or cover the same area with a tape

- Check before the installation of the printer that the cartridge does not drip (if you added too much ink wait until the end of the spill)

- Install the refilled cartridge and run one or more cleaning cycles



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