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Saving Kit discount

The Saving Kit are products sold in certain "promotional packages" (so each product is packaged individually) with a discount of up to 70% of the total value of the sum of the individual products.

Find the Saving Kit for your printer! They are available for all printers in the catalog and for various product lines.


Some examples of Saving Kit currently in the catalog are:

- Inkjet cartridges: in different size (3 pcs, 10pcs, 12pcs, 18pcs, 20pcs, 24pcs) vary depending on the cost and different color cartridge (the compositions of some Saving Kit can be changed upon a customer request !!! ) (variable discounts 10-50%)
- Inks in bottles for inkjet printers: are classified in sizes ranging from XXS (50ml x 4 colors) to XXL (1 liter x 4 colors) (variable discounts 10-70%)
- Toner for Laser printers: 3 black toner or 1 Kit of 4 Black Toner + colors (such discounts 10-25%)
- TTR film for Fax: 3 packs (variable discounts 10-35%)

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The superKit is the idea to make life easier: by purchasing one product you will have everything you need to make your printer immediately operational at a very advantageous price!

Choose the suitable superKit (verifying the compatibility and composition of the kit), made the order and within 24 hours you will receive in your home everything you need to not leave never dry your printer!

Use the refill tools accessories is easy: just follow the instructions inside and within minutes your prints will come back more colorful than ever!

Why the superKit is good?

The answer is very simple: for the price and for the convenience!

By purchasing a superKit rather than individual products with guaranteed savings (just compare the prices!): on fact superKit is a discount of up to 45% !!!

Just check your printer's compatibility with a single product and you're done!

You don't need to buy all again: there are no cartridges superKit if you want to recharge your original OEM cartridges or have already purchased the refillable cartridges, there are superKit for 4 or 6 colors, etc...

Great Gift Idea!

The superKit is also a great gift idea! 
The universal superKit are good for any inkjet printer...don't need to know the brand or model: you can't be wrong! And is also cheap!

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Easy: it's a great news! With the new line of turboKit recharge your inkjet cartridges becomes even easier and more convenient: the turboKit are simple to use and are specially designed to recharge your cartridges within minutes and no mess.

Again, to make life easier we have surpassed ourselves: choose the suitable turboKit (check the compatibility with your cartridges), made the order and within 24 hours you will receive at home this amazing product. Now there is nothing left to do but to amaze in front of immediacy and cleanliness of this product!

As always, all the products are original superInk, enough to ensure quality and efficiency.


The superInk turboKit line includes:

turboKit: compatible with major brands and the most widely used models of inkjet cartridges, containing the accessories for charging, the instructions for the correct use of the product and the ink tanks to fill your cartridges 2 or 3 times.

turboKit Refill: once you purchase the full turboKit with accessory for charging supplied, for future use, you can only buy the refills, for even greater savings!

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