Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

You are always open ?

Yes, 365 days a year, 7 days out of 7, 24, 24 hours .... that's the beauty of the Internet!

What must I do to be able to buy on ?

In order to purchase you must provide shipping information, billing (if different from shipping) and an email address. The user can decide whether to include only the data for the current order without having to register (instantaneous checkout) or register the data provided (create account) to be reused for future orders or to take advantage of the services available registered users.
Is possible, if you will, to upgrade form a user "guest" not registered in a "registered" user, in this case you need to contact our Customer Care via email (, telephone (06 522.77.072) or fax (06-522.05.049).

Registration is not required to visit the website, address books, subscribe to the newsletter (for promotions, news and more) but it is strongly recommended for the best use of all the tools and Area at your disposal.

Is possibile to order by FAX / EMAIL / PHONE ?

Certainly. you can submit your order in the following ways:
- PHONE (06-522.77.072)
- FAX (06-522.05.049)
- E-MAIL (

Do i need to have the VAT to buy ?

Absolutely not!

They can buy both individuals and companies. In the case of a private will issue a receipt of purchase with the data entered by the customer, in the case of a company the invoice (electronic) will report the company name and VAT number entered at the time of registration (remember also that it is possible enter different shipping and / or invoicing data for the same customer or company). We ask all customers with a PEC email address and SDI code to update their data in order to send the relevant electronic invoice when requested.

I entered the wrong data how do I edit ?

Just click on "Personal Information" (which will be in its Area) and they will be able to change all the incorrect data or you can change settings for the billing or shipping address in the "Addresses".

How much time are shipped the goods ?

The goods are shipped within 1 business day from date of order.

How many days after the goods arrive at my home ?

Usually within 1 business day from the day after the Order, in some cases (islands and smaller towns are hard to reach, or other external causes) may take up to 2 working days.

Is there a minimum purchase order ?

For orders over 36,60 € (tax included) of goods shipping costs are only 1,00 € + tax !
Is possible to order less than 36,60 € (tax included) of goods but the freight costs will be 5.00 € + tax.
Our advice is to try to achieve at least a minimum order of 36,60 € (tax included) of goods.

What are the payment methods ?

Payment methods currently supported are:
Cash on delivery (COD) (cash on delivery)
PayPal account or Credit Cards Visa / Mastercard / American Express / Aurea / PayPal / Discover / Maestro
Bank Transfer
Postal Account
or Postagiro service

Is possible to change mode of payment once the order confirmed ?

If the order has not yet been processed (status "Awaiting Payment" or "Preparation in progress") you can make the change by contacting our Customer Care (06-522.77.072).

My computer crashed while I was trying to pay with Credit Card or PayPal, what should I do to complete the payment ?

If it was not possible to complete the payment process (order status "Awaiting PayPal payment") by Credit Card or Paypal you need to contact our Customer Care (06-522.77.072) for more information.

What are the shipping methods ? sends its merchandise through Bartolini spa (service "Courier"). You may have vision shipment status through its Area (the "Order History & Details") by clicking the parcel number (tracking number) you are searching for.

How should I pay (for the sign) the receipt of the goods ?

Payment can be made only by cash (to be given by the clerk in charge Bartolini Spa). For more information we invite you to view the page "Method of Payment"

I selected as a payment method 'Bank Transfer' / 'C/C Postale - Postal Account') when the goods will send out ? sends the goods at the time of receiving the success of Bank Transfer or Postal Account from their Bank / Post Office, for this should where possible take advantage of the method of payment "Cash on Delivery (COD)" or "PayPal / Credit Card" definitely faster in terms of order processing.

Costs of transport and shipping, what are they ?

The shipping costs are 1,00 excluding tax throughout Italy including the islands.
In the case of orders under 36,60 € tax included delivery costs will be 5,00 € excluding tax.

Expenses for the marking, how much ?

The cost of service delivery is already included in shipping.

Is possible to search in real time my shipment (tracking) ?

It is, as already said the research of the package in real time is possible thanks to the system of "Tracking" by Bartolini Spa.
Is possible use different methods to search for the expedition:
a) click on the link "CHECK SHIPPING" in the email sent to you upon delivery of the goods;
b) log-in in your Account Area (after entering E-mail and Password), select "Order History & Details" and click on the Order desired. It will show additional data regarding the shipment ... click on the parcel number (Tracking number) to display information related to the shipment (delivered on...... in the delivery on.....);
c) directly using the Bartolini Spa web site ("Searching for n. document sender") and indicating the Sender Account Number (our is 1030789) and the N.Doc.Mittente (our Shipping Code emailed by our systems which also appears in your Custom Area).

I received the parcel but part or all of the material has been damaged during shipping ! What do i do ?

No worries! In this case will, after appropriate checks telephone, to postpone the material that is damaged without any shipping cost or other burden. Please send an email to or directly call the Customer Care number 06-522.77.072

How often do you send the Newsletter ?

The newsletter is sent every time if the need arises (promotions, site news, new products, business partners ....) and generally on a monthly basis.

Is possible to know in advance of promotions and / or discounts future ?

Of course, our best tool is the Newsletter. Alternatively, you can view the site on a regular basis or read our official blog or follow our Facebook page (^_ ^) /

To subscribe to the newsletter simply enter your email address in the designated area and confirm your subscription by clicking the link sent by our systems automatically via email to the address you entered.

I do not want to receive any more newsletters or informational emails from ! What do I do ?

In compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. Privacy Vs 196/2003 about to no longer receive any communication from simply send an email to directly from your email that you want to delete, and our computer systems will provide real-time to its elimination.

When is sent the purchase invoice?

Every order made on from Private or Company is always billed! The invoice is sent by e-mail on the same day of departure of the goods. The format used for the document is PDF.

The bill didn't came, what should I do?

In the event that the invoice will not be received by e-mail or who lost both is possible to request a copy indicating the order number or your name to

Remember, it is always possible to view and/or print the relevant purchase invoice from their Reserved Area by simply clicking on the icon next to the invoice number in the order line concerned.

The invoice data is wrong, who should I contact to fix the bill ?

In the event of incorrect and/or incomplete data, just send an e-mail to specifying inaccurate data and/or incomplete. We will send again a revisited copy of the purchase invoice as soon as possible.

Can I have a receipt (in addition to the normal invoice) of my Order ?

Certainly, provided that the Invoice is sent in electronic format (PDF) at the time of shipment of the goods, through the Account Area you can access at your "Order History" where you can view in detail every single order and real-time download its Invoice.

Can I buy and pay as private and have the purchase invoice letterhead to a Company ?

Certainly, at the time of registration may indicate independently the data for the shipment of the goods and, as in his case, the data related to billing if different from registration.

Please also remember that the system allows you to enter or select for each order a different delivery address and/or billing to suit different customer needs.

We are a company and we have to make an order in bulk, we can get discounts or reserved price ?

Definitely. For orders of large quantity or special arrangements please write to

I lost my password to access the Account Area. I need to register again ? Can I apply again ?

No problem! To receive again the data for access at your  Account Area you can use the "Remember Password" function. Of course you will not need to register again...

Can I delete an item already in the cart ?

Of course, just click on the bin-icon at the end of each description of the item in the "Shopping Cart" page. It 'also possible to change the previously selected amount by inserting it again in the quantity column of the product always from the page "Shopping Cart".

In recent days I had inserted some items in the cart, now they are gone!!! What happened ?

Our website uses the "Cookies" to keep track of products in the shopping cart for each user. If in recent days you deleted the "Cookies" from the PC or has changed pc is normal that the cart will be empty.

How does the shopping cart ?

The cart is very simple: browsing the site you can add products to shopping cart directly by pressing on its icon (if the amount is greater than 1 can point directly before clicking ...).

To delete and/or add quantity of the same product you can, from the shopping Cart page:

1) delete the product entered by clicking on the bin-icon at the end of the description, or may display the product (without researching it again) by clicking on the description or image.

2) increase or decrease the quantity by directly entering in the field, the system will then automatically update the quantity and recalculate the total of the cart...

I will be notified when the order will be delivered ?

Every day delivery lots of orders. So, generally, the day after placing the order you will be notified via email of the delivery. Also through the Account Area it is always possible to see the "Status" of the Order and the tracking of the package.