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Euronet srl, present for over 18 years online and on traditional distribution channels, is a point of reference for all those who need to buy printer cartridges, toner for printers and all that is material for ordinary consumer inkjet printers, laser, plotters, but also photographic paper, charger, powerbank and many other accessories.

Over the years we have served more than 180thousand customers, supporting them step by step in choosing the product that best suits your needs, offering the right solution with speed and efficiency, putting the customer at the center of our business philosophy.
We select the products available on the basis of the principles of quality and reliability, offering a wide choice of articles sustainable in line with our standards.
Among the strengths of the company timely responses to customer requests, which have access to professionals who can assess needs and problems, directing them to purchase a fitting and proper, timely deliveries, delivered very quickly in front of one euro spending, guarantee and right of withdrawal guaranteed.

Every product purchased through convenient and safe payment methods, is carefully packaged according to the highest standards of packaging, to ensure customer reliability and speed in receiving.
Through our e-shop you can access a wide range of items related to the world's press material, but also the charger, thermal transfer ribbons, compatible plotter ink tank, to buy easily with a simple click it will be shipped within only one working day.
Over the years Euronet srl has selected products from printer cartridges to all that can serve in this area, taking care to evaluate the most advanced regeneration techniques and the highest quality ink and toner powder, resulting in extremely competitive both in terms of quality and price.


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Euronet srl
Registered with the Registrar of Companies of Rome on 20 May 2002 * REA n. 1008517

VAT number: IT07059751003

PEC email address: euronet@cert.euronet.it

SDI code: M5UXCR1

Registered office: Commercity - Island M module 29 - Via Portuense, 1555 - 00148 Roma

Offices and Warehouses: Via Carmelo Maestrini, 348-350 - 00128 Roma


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